Turning fates is our business. We believe that everyone, you as well as any homeless person, has the inner ability to change. Offering individual people personalized assistance in consideration to their entire individual story is how we give them a chance to break out of homelessness.

We offer a seed of attention and support to give just the right nudge that a homeless person or family needs to find their way out of an apparent dead end. We offer everyone personalized assistance for their individual issues, including vocational education, working tools, or psychotherapy for  overcoming traumatic life experiences. Our aim is to help the most vulnerable people work on improving their own prospects.

There Is A Chance Foundation is small, but effective. It was started 20 years ago as a civil organization, as a grassroots initiative, operating from the dedicated expertise of its working members and supporters' donations. We are proud to operate independantly from any state subsidies or grant money, based solidly on our community, and aiding the progress of 10-15 homeless people and families every year.

Will you help us?

Our Ambassadors are raising funds so we may offer more complex assistance to homeless people and families experiencing severe housing poverty. Your donations finance vocational education, woring tools, on-demand psychotherapy and family therapy, social workers,case discussion meetings and  professional coordination. Each chance offered for a person or a family in need requires roughly 300-450 (1000 Euros) thousand Hungarian Forints to finance, and the outcome is in most cases a measurable unit of progress, sucha as landing a job, boosting income, or acquiring a home.

Whenever a homeless person sees their personal story engaging strangers to stand by them and support them, it is an enormous mobilizing force for that person. Seeing others put faith in them gives back their own sense of self-worth.

We will report on the fates of the people you have supported, and on the use your donation was put, as well as the program’s general progress.






4-week fundraising campaign to support our foundation (September 20 - October 18, 2020)

Tour de Chance – we’re biking to bring homeless people a chance to break out